Wiffle Ball Tournament

saturday, september 19     1:00pm

Rain date is Sunday, Sept. 20 at 1:00pm.

Bring your lawn chair and come out for some family-friendly wiffle ball games!

ALL AGES are invited and there’s a place for everyone to get in on the action. 

Play the game or root for your favorite team from the sidelines. 

The concession stand will be open for snacks and drinks. All items will be $1.


you can still join the fun & games by contacting Michelle Frye  

Let's Play Some Wiffle Ball Y'all!

rules of play

The tournament will be organized as a double elimination bracket.  We may have up to 56 players with 7 players per team. There will be three playing fields for the tournament.

  • A whiffle bat and whiffle ball will be used to play.
  • A batting tee (t-ball stand) may be used as an option for those who are not able to hit a pitched ball. *see note at the bottom
  • Bases are placed 45 ft. apart. The pitcher’s mound is 35 ft. from home plate.
  • The choice of “Home Team” and “Visiting Team” will be determined by a coin flip by the umpire.
  • There are 5 innings or a specified time limit (TBA once registration is complete).
  • Teams will consist of 7 players. A team may start and/or finish with 4 players.
  • Teams will pitch to themselves. Pitches may be overhand or underhand.
  • A batter will have a maximum of 3 pitches to hit the ball. If the ball is not put into play on any of the 3 pitches, the batter is declared out. A foul ball on the 3rd pitch will also result in an out.
  • Batters/runners are put out using normal baseball/softball rules.
  • Defensive players may not throw the ball at the batter/runner to get them out.
  • Runners cannot lead off or steal.
  • The runner may not leave the base until the pitched ball crosses home plate or is contacted by the batter.
  • Teams may substitute players one for one.
  • No bunting. (Kids 12 and under do not have to hit the ball past the pitcher)
  • No sliding. If a runner slides, he/she will be considered out.
  • Defensive players may not wear gloves of any kind.
  • The defensive team must field a player in the catcher’s position. Remaining fielders may be positioned.
  • Run limit is 10 runs per team, per inning.
  • All games ending in a tie will be determined by a coin flip by the umpire.
  • Mercy Rule will be in effect after 4 innings. The team that is ahead by 10 or more points will be declared the winner.

*Anyone of any age who prefers to use the batting tee (t-ball stand) may do so, but they forfeit their chance to score a run, may only run the bases for fun, and may not be gotten out. This is a good option for little children (and big children!) who struggle to understand the rules and just want to play and have fun!