Our Staff

You would have a very difficult time finding a staff that works together better

and loves each other more than the staff of Piney Grove Baptist Church.

They are always available to help you in your walk with the Lord!

  • Steve Gordon

    Senior Pastor

    Steve has been the Pastor of Piney Grove since 2001.      

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  • John Forman

    Minister of Music

    John has been the Minister of Worship at Piney Grove since 2009. 

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  • Alex Gonzalez

    Minister of Youth

    Alex has been the Minister of Youth at Piney Grove since 2009.

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  • Michelle Frye

    minister of Children

    Michelle is the newest member of the Piney Grove team, joining the staff in May 2019.

  • Holly Baldwin

    Communications & office administrator

    Holly is the newest member of the Piney Grove team and has been here since 2019.

    Contact Holly Baldwin

  • Peggy Garner

    Administrative Assistant

    Peggy has been a vital part of the Piney Grove staff since 2009.      Contact Peggy Garner