Small Groups At Piney Grove

A Piney Grove Small Group is an intentional gathering of people who meet together on a regular basis to grow in their faith, connect with others, challenge each other to serve in ministry, reach out with the love of Jesus, and worship God with their lives. Healthy relationships and spiritual growth are at the heart of our small groups, and our hope is that you’ll be encouraged to live out the truths of the Bible as you’re encouraging others to do the same!

Small Groups come in all different formats and meet at various times. We have various groups that meet at 9:45 am on Sunday mornings. We also have a few groups that meet on days and times of the week. If you have questions or would like more information just give a shout to Mike Mallett, our Minister to Adults at or call the church office at (919) 552-3522.



Meets in Main Building

· Room 101 - GO & GROW (Median - Older Adult, Coed)

· Room 102 - A.C. NIX (Multi-Generational Adult, Men)

· Room 103 - WINGMATES (Multi-Generational Adult, Women)

· Room 106 - GRACE MISSIONS (Senior Adult, Women)

· Room 109 - BARRACA (Senior Adult, Men)

- Room G-17 - TRUTHSEEKERS (Median - Older Adult, Coed)

- Room G-16 - POTTER'S (Young - Median Adult, Coed)

· Room G-15 - GARNER DISCIPLESHIP (Young - Median Adult, Coed)

· Office Annex- HALLELUJAH/OMEGA (Senior Adult, Coed)

Meets in Student building

· Room 106 - YOUNG ADULT/COLLEGE (Coed)

Ask one of our Guest Services Volunteers for help locating a classroom.


6:30 pm - ENCOURAGERS (Median Adult, Coed) meets in Fellowship Hall


10:30 am – FRIENDLY/JOY (Senior Adult, Coed) meets in Student Building- Dining Hall

We encourage you try out a few different classes as they each offer different curriculum and teaching styles. 

Need help finding a class? Contact Pastor Mike and he can help you get plugged in.


Age appropriate small groups are also provided for nursery, preschool, grade school and youth on Sunday mornings.

"People grow best when they’re connected in healthy small groups. We were never intended to live life alone; God created us to do life in community with each other."

Purpose of small groups

These are five benefits of getting involved in a Small Group:

  1. Life change
  2. Cultivate relationships
  3. Promote participation
  4. Provide care
  5. Identify future leaders