We are Bridge Builders, making pathways to reach people where they are so they might know and grow in Christ. Therefore, we are...

  • Christ Centered:  Jesus Christ is Lord and Head of the Church. Everything we do must originate from Him, be empowered through Him and be directed to Him. (Romans 11:36)
  • Needs-Focused:  As we draw closer to Him, our hearts learn to beat with His. We begin to see others the way He sees them.  And with a heart that is His, we care about them the way He cares. (Matthew 25:37-40)
  • Shared Ministry:  Not only do we see the need, but we hear the call. We have discovered that the Holy Spirit has equipped and empowered each individual in our church for ministry. (1 Peter 4:10)

Together we are the body of Christ. We continue to share the love of Jesus Christ with each other and with the world. This is the kind of church our Lord desires. This is the kind of church He is molding us to be.