saturday, march 7      11am

Bring your lawn chair and come out for some family-friendly kickball games!

ALL AGES are invited and there’s a place for everyone to get in on the action.

Play the game or sit on the sidelines and root for your favorite team.

Pre-Registration online has now ended.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! 


Come hungry and stop by the concession stand to load up on food, snacks, and drinks.

ALL PROCEEDS go to fund the Guatemala mission trips this summer! 


  • There are 5 innings.
  • There are 9 players max on the field.
  • All pitches MUST be rolled underhand and strike zone is a foot on either side of the plate.
  • Strikes are SEPARATE counts from fouls (Full count is 2 strikes, 2 fouls, and 3 balls.)
  •                   - 3 strikes is an out
  •                   - 3 fouls is an out
  •                   - 4 balls is a walk
  • When the ball is caught in the air, it is an out, whether foul ball or regular ball
  • If you’re tagged before reaching base, you’re out.  If your base is tagged before you’re forced to reach it, then you’re out.
  • Each kicked ball must go at least 5 feet for Kindergarten and under. All other kicked balls must go at least 10 feet.
  • There may be no leading off bases or stealing.
  • Balls may be thrown at base runners, but no head or shoulder shots as these will not count as an out!
  •  Kids ages Kindergarten and under cannot be gotten out and may score 1 point if they make it around the bases in accordance with the rules of kickball.  This age may have an older child or adult help them get around the bases.
  •  Kids ages 1st- 6th grade may be gotten out and may score 2 points if they make it around the bases in accordance with the rules of kickball.
  •  Youth ages 13 & up and Adults may score one point for crossing home plate.


Once registered, you’ll be placed on a team. (Sorry, no exceptions) The tournament will be organized as a bracket. The winner of the first game will play the winner of the second game, and the winner of this game will be the tournament champion. The loser of the championship game will be awarded second place honors. To determine third place, the two teams that lost before will play each other. The winner of this game will be awarded third place honors.